ACE is committed to ensuring our gallery, activities and website are as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible.

ACE acknowledges that accessibility is multifaceted and is not limited to physical access. We acknowledge the range of barriers people face, including but not limited to: disability, race, sexuality, gender, class and an intersection of these things. ACE is committed to dismantling access barriers where possible and welcomes feedback.


ACE strives to be as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible.

When we're open

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11am – 4pm
Wednesday 11am – 4pm
Thursday 11am – 4pm
Friday 11am – 4pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm
Sunday Closed

Getting to ACE

ACE is located in Adelaide’s Lion Arts Centre, in the west end of the city. You can find us by entering the Lion Arts Centre precinct from either North Terrace or Morphett Street.

Public Transport

If you are visiting ACE by public transport, the closest tram and bus stops are approximately 70m away from our entrance.

Travelling via tram

The closest tram stop is the City West tram stop, which is on North Terrace. After getting off the tram you will need to travel south at the pedestrian crossing, then across the Lion Arts Centre courtyard where you will find us next to the JamFactory, behind the Mercury CX Cinema.

Travelling via bus

The closest bus stops to ACE are stop X1 North Terrace, South side, or stop C1 North Terrace, North side. These stops are also near the City West tram stop, where you will need to travel south at the pedestrian crossing then across the Lion Arts Centre courtyard where you will find us next to the JamFactory, behind the Mercury CX Cinema.

You can also get to ACE via the free city loop buses.
On the 98A bus, get off at stop C1, Morphett Street, East side. From there, you cross at the Hindley Street and Morphett Street lights and head North towards North Terrace where you will find us on the left, next to the JamFactory and behind the Mercury CX cinema.
On the 98C bus, exit at stop X1, Morphett St, West side. From there, you cross Hindley Street and head North towards North Terrace where you will find us on the left, next to the JamFactory and behind the Mercury CX cinema.

Parking and drop off point: 13 Morphett Street

The closest parking spaces are located on Morphett Street. To access the car parks, you must be travelling north. At the Hindley Street/Montefiore Road/Morphett Street intersection, veer left to take the slip road that is the continuation of Morphett Street, then veer left into a designated parking bay on the Eastern side of JamFactory. There are three half-hour car parks, one disabled permit park, and one loading zone car park. We suggest using this location as your drop off point.

Pedestrian access via ramp

To reach ACE’s main entrance from the Morphett Street parking bay, follow the pedestrian access ramp that runs in front of JamFactory and turns towards North Terrace. This ramp can be accessed if you are entering the Lion Arts Centre precinct from either North Terrace or Morphett Street.

The first ramp is an angle of 4% incline or 2.3 degrees. The second ramp, once veering to the north and directly parallel to ACE’s entrance, is at an angle of 8% or 4.5 degrees. 

Approaching ACE from the north side of the building, there is the option of taking a flight of five steps. Each step is 18cm high and 28cm deep. There is a handrail on the left.

Wheelchair & physical access in the gallery

ACE is wheelchair accessible.

ACE’s main entrance is comprised of two doors, with main access through a glass door on your right that opens in the pull direction toward you. During open hours this door is propped open (if the weather is suitable to do so).

Dimensions: When both doors are open, the entrance width is 146cm. When one door is open, the entrance width is 73cm. There is a 1cm lip in the doorway.

The doors are not power assisted, so may be heavy or difficult for wheelchair users or those with limited upper body strength. 

There is a portable ramp that fits over the lip in the doorway that is used during public events. At other times, there is a doorbell at the main entrance to request assistance with ramp access, or to assist in opening the double doors for wider access. 

The gallery floor is flat, sealed cement. The gallery is step-free throughout and all areas are accessible to wheelchair users. 

There is an accessible toilet at the rear of the gallery.

Gallery conditions

Every exhibition at ACE is different, therefore the format of the gallery and front room changes depending on the needs and design of the current exhibition. 

If you have any access requirements including seating, quiet spaces, lighting, sound, temperature etc., please contact us prior to your visit via email or phone on +61 8 8211 7505

ACE uses universal access symbols to indicate access information that is current and specific to each exhibition and event. You can find this information alongside the event or exhibition.


ACE has light-weight portable seating with or without a backrest, which are available by request from the front desk. Sturdy chairs and cushions are also available on request. Both seating options are available at public events. 

Quiet spaces

ACE doesn’t have a permanently designated quiet area, however a staff member or gallery attendant can assist in identifying quiet areas in the gallery.


The front room is most often lit with warm white lighting and natural light, but this can vary across exhibitions. The lighting in the exhibition space changes with each exhibition and can range from very low light (low visibility), darkness, coloured light or fluorescent lighting.   


Exhibitions may feature sound that is played openly at varying volumes in the exhibition space. 

Lighting and sound can sometimes be adjusted by a gallery attendant on request. 

Temperature control

Our heating/cooling system is a ducted dual roof-mounted air-conditioning system.

Gallery amenities


There are two toilets located to the rear of the gallery. They are both gender neutral, single occupant toilets. One of them is a large accessible toilet with a sliding door, and baby change table facilities. Both toilets have a sanitary disposal unit.


Relay Service

We’re Relay Service Friendly. Simply contact the National Relay Service and ask for ACE on +61 8 8211 7505.

Autism Friendly Charter

ACE has completed autism awareness training with Autism SA and signed up to the Autism Friendly Charter.

Auslan Interpretation

Auslan interpretation is provided for the majority of ACE’s public programs. When promoting events, ACE will advertise accordingly if the event will be interpreted. 

If you will be using the interpreter service, we encourage you to make yourself known to the interpreter or to an ACE staff member who can be identified wearing an ACE branded t-shirt, lanyard or badge.  

Request an interpreter

We welcome you to contact ACE to request an interpreter for any of our events, and we will do our best to find an available interpreter. Please email to arrange. Please note that you must provide ACE with at least one week’s notice to ensure that we can secure an interpreter.  

Companion cards

Companion Card holders qualify for concession price tickets and receive a complimentary ticket for their companion. To book, please call +61 8 8211 7505 during business hours or email The companion ticket must be booked at the same time as the purchased ticket.

Service animals

We welcome service animals and have a dog water bowl on site.


We welcome carers and support workers at all events.

Access program

Deaf-led tours

ACE programs one deaf-led tour for each exhibition throughout the year. Subscribe to our EDMs to keep up to date with our exhibition and public programs, and see when our next deaf-led tour is coming up. 

Relaxed days

ACE programs one relaxed day for each exhibition throughout the year. Subscribe to our EDMs to keep up to date with our exhibition and public programs, and see when our next relaxed day is coming up.  

For any assistance or questions during public events, please look for one of our friendly staff members who can be identified wearing an ACE branded t-shirt or lanyard. We are happy to help!


The ACE office is located on the first floor of the building. Access to the office is via the front stairwell near the main entrance. The stairwell has handrails on both sides.

If you are attending ACE for a meeting with ACE staff, we encourage you to let us know what your access requirements are in advance and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Meetings can be arranged downstairs or off-site at a nearby location. Auslan interpretation can be arranged for meetings. Translators can be arranged for meetings. Carers or support workers are welcome to attend meetings. 


There is an internal lift 2m from ACE’s main entrance, on the left hand side.

Dimensions: width = 78cm, depth/length = 114.5cm.  

These dimensions are non-standard, and may not accommodate some mobility devices. A key is required to operate the lift, so please ask the gallery attendant at the front desk for assistance. 

The elevator is small and slow operating (taking up to 45 seconds to travel between levels), which may feel claustrophobic for some.

The entrance door is manually operated, and pulls toward you on entry.

Upstairs toilets

There are two gender neutral toilets adjacent to the ACE office. One has a sanitary disposal.


There is also a kitchen for staff and studio artists . Volunteers may access the kitchen when volunteering.

Studios access

The ACE studios are located on the first floor of the building. Public access to the studios is via  the front stairwell, with handrails on both sides, near ACE’s main entrance, or via the lift. The studios are generally not open to the public but there are open day events and workshops held in the studios throughout the year. 

For select events or private arrangements with artists, the studios can be accessed via the rear stairwell on Register Street, on the west side of the building. There is a handrail on the right hand side of the stairwell.

Covid safe plan

Please do not attend the gallery or events if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, mild or severe; if you have been asked to quarantine due to visiting an exposure site; if you have COVID-19; or are a close contact of a suspected or positive COVID-19 case.

We strongly encourage individuals to responsibly practice social distancing and hygiene practices at all times to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

We ask that you frequently use the sanitiser found upon entry and throughout the gallery. 

Physical distance of minimum 1.5m is to be abided by at all times. 


Mask-wearing is not mandatory for visitors and staff, however, masks are very welcome. The World Health Organisation recommends N95 masks for best protection against the Omicron variant.

Vaccination status

We do not require visitors to present vaccination status on arrival.


We welcome and encourage feedback and community consultation on our access offerings. If you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

+61 8 8211 7505


Change the way you view and interact with our website to suit your needs using the Access Menu (the button on the bottom right corner of the page).

ACE tampinthi, ngadlu Kaurna yartangka panpapanpalyarninthi (inparrinthi). Kaurna miyurna yaitya mathanya Wama Tarntanyaku. Parnaku yailtya, parnaku tapa purruna, parnaku yarta ngadlu tampnthi. Yalaka Kaurna miyurna itu yailtya, tapa purruna, yarta kuma puru martinthi, puru warri-apinthi, puru tangka martulayinthi.

ACE respectfully acknowledges the traditional Country of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains and pays respect to Elders past and present. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.